Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sibu Kampua in Kuching

Not too long ago, I had cravings for kampua, which is a staple food for Foochows. Even though am not one, but I already feel like am one due to the strong attachments with my hometown Sibu.

Therefore one fine night I decided to go to RH Plaza, one food court beside Green Gallery. I had been there several times, but never alone. But this time around, am alone.

The stall, Sibu Yun Siang Kampua, that night, was managed by a Foochow lady and her assistant, an Indonesian girl. So I placed my order with the assistant. I ordered kampua with chilli. Yes, you heard me, only kampua with chilli, and also my teh-c-peng.

Oblivious to my surroundings, I actually didn't notice that there were 3 men seated at a table nearby me, staring and talking about me. In Foochow.

Men: Wahh..look at this girl. She eats alone.
(There was a brief silence as they were all looking at me.)

Then came my noodles.

Men: She knows how to eat kampua!

Me: (Do I look like a fool? Of course I know how to eat. Grasp the noodles with chopstick and shove into my mouth and munch, and savour the taste, then swallow. Don't tell me you can't even do this?)

While the assistant placed the noodles in front of me, I also placed an order for a bowl of pork liver soup. Somehow, the pork liver sitting in the bowl at the stall kept on looking at me and started screaming "Eat me! eat me!" So I gave in to my temptations.

Since my teh c peng was nowhere to be seen, I took out my camera and snapped pics of my kampua. And there you go, my 3 wise men had something to say again.

Men: Aiya.. must be not nice la, she didn't even eat it, and she keeps on snapping away already.

I then put away my camera and waited for my soup and teh c peng.

Men: Eh, why does she order when she doesn't even want to eat? Why is she waiting?

Shortly, came my pork liver soup.

Men: Wah! this girl can really eat! She actually orders a soup on top of her noodles!

I didn't bother much and snapped away with my camera.

Men: Eh? She takes pics again. Must be not nice also la. But why is she not eating?

Lastly, came my gorgeous date. Sexier-than-any-Sports Illustrated-Men. My teh c peng. Or rather iced milk tea.

Men: Wah! Kampua with pork liver soup, and still can down with teh c peng! This girl can really eat!

Can you please shut up while I have a decent dinner?


Max1020 said...

Miss kampua so much !!!
i only have 1 time kampua in between CNY !!!
U didn't told those ppl "mai cha la..."
u say u from sibu so know foo chow meh...

Nina said...

dem you again!!
u makes me wanna fly to sibu now now now to makan the kampua (and of course other swak staple food too!)
and of course minus the porky la!

muku said...

Max, later i get beaten up for no reason. :P I thought you are in Sibu, why, you can get kampua anytime.

aiyo, moi. dun dem me. ;P Do come to Kuching sometimes, there's this wonderful place which serves halal Chinese food, including kampua and chicken mien sien! bring your Nakamori-San along too!

marie said...

bang on the table and shout it loud and clear girl...
"you people know who i am? i am matthew eh charbo kia!"
muahahhahaha... oh, i miss those times with you!!!

muku said...

cannot ah dear, else i'll be labeled as BDC TERRORIST. :P