Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Driving in Sibu

Driving in Sibu makes me ponder and wonder if Sibu people are mostly American educated.

Are you one?

A once British reigned state has more American educated rather than British educated citizen? I'm referring to baby boomers too.

Peculiar, peculiar indeed.

But nevermind that. :)

I guess these American-educated Sibu people living in Sibu are not aware of their location transition from US to Malaysia.

Hello, Kindly move to the left lane, please. You think it's so cool to hog the right lane at 30/40 km/h? This is Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, people. Please wake up.

Oh, anyways, the newly elected President of US might be oh-so-delighted that in a small town like Sibu, US ed people outnumbered the ones being UK ed.


Max1020 said...

Haha... luckly not me !!!
I always drive at the right lane at the minimum of 60km/h~~~
good citizen... drive 60 obey the law...
if 30/40 at right lane sure FXXX them off !!!

muku said...

Right lane is meant for overtaking, boy. It's for people like me, whose bladder is small, and need to rush to the nearest toilet, be it my dad's shop or my house, else i shall "laojio" due to the massive snail-like traffic on both lanes.

`NiCK^ said...

hahaha.. don't u find ppl like that in kuching too?

i hate to say it.. but i prefer driving in KL than in Kuching..