Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sibu Dim Sum Chung Hwa

I never fail to turn up at Chung Hwa Dim Sum each time I'm back in Sibu.

This is the ever so famous char siew pau (honey-roasted pork bun). Caution: not for those who expect generous fillings of meat.

Pork ribs Chee Cheong Fun

The Chee Cheong Fun is never complete without the chilli.

Ahh..lor mai kai (glutinous rice with chicken)

Steamed pork ribs

This is your ultimate Sibu Makan Diva.

Beef ball. Think straight peeps..

Siew Mai

Chee Cheong Fun Hong Kong style

That's it, for entree and main course. Moving on, I start of with something sweet and cheesy..
Cheese-baked sweet potatoes.

This is the star of the moment..Nai Wong Liu Sar Pao..

A heavenly marriage between custard and salted egg.

Sibu Makan Diva again..Sorry for the temptation.

The breakfast is ended with a crispy and creamy egg tart. Bon appetit, ma cheri ;)

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