Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nail Fetish

Last Friday, I had the itch to do my nails and me and Marie stumbled upon this outlet in Crowne Plaza, Kuching. Top Nails it is called, located on the 2nd floor of this shopping complex.

Look at this girl, having the time of her life.. ;) doing our girl thingy..and at the corner sat Mr Paul Tang with his weary look while waiting for us lohso to do our nails. We actually opted for express pedicure since we didn't want to drive Mr Tang to the land of Boredom..
The pampering session started with a simple footbath, followed by nail buffing and shaping.

While the manicurist was at work with my nails.. i happily snapped away pics of her. She's very professional by the way, ain't hurting me at all..unlike certain places which I had gone to.

And..they use O.P.I.
Fancy having nail arts?

Nail me!
But a minimalist like me, I only dig very dark colors without the fancy bling on my nails.. At RM 15 for an express pedicure, you really have to love this place. ;) Thanks Ms Carol Lee for nail services. and oh, i love the soft and comfy armchair too!

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