Saturday, May 02, 2015

Hung Hing Coffeeshop, Kuching

I cannot tell you how lucky you are, Kuching people.

You have, Italians operating a coffee shop here in Kuching, in the heart of Kuching to be exact, serving you coffee from moka pot, chocolate salami, gelato and cheese cakes. 

This coffeeshop, is a middle shop lot, it is just across the road from Chong Choon Coffeeshop on Abell Road.

I love the kolo mee here, and during my student years in Kuching, this coffee shop was my second home. 

So after I left Kuching, the coffeeshop is taken over by Italian. 

Strange but true, an Italian man with dreadlocks came and took orders from me. 

They do serve kopi o, and the usual suspects. 

Moka Pot Coffee at Hung Hing Coffeeshop, Kuching

Italian Nutella Jar as Sugar Container at Hung Hing Coffeeshop, Kuching

You can refer to the kolo mee post in the aforementioned link, unfortunately, this time around I am not fated to savour the kolo mee. 

Moka pot espresso was top notched. 

Faultless, perfect 10 espresso. 

I don't see why you have to go to drink espresso elsewhere, this is the real deal! 

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The Yum List said...

Moka pot - it's one of my favourite ways to brew coffee.